6 Myths and Truths About The Use of Nootropics

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You probably have already heard a lot of things about nootropics. But before trying them yourself, you’ll want to separate myths from facts. Understand what nootropics can and can’t do for you. Set your expectations on its effects. To help you out, here are 6 things you should know about the use of nootropics.

Myth: Nootropics work right away and it’s the same for everyone.

Truth: Nootropics don’t work in an instant and effects vary from one user to another.

 Nootropics don’t demonstrate the same effects to every user. If you and your friend take the same type of nootropic at the same time, but your friend has seen effects faster, that doesn’t mean the nootropic won’t work for you.

Your experience in taking nootropics is influenced by your body’s response to certain chemicals. You might observe effects your friend sees later or only see some of the effects he or she is experiencing.

If, after some time, you’re still not sold with the results you’re seeing, you can always check out another type of nootropic and see if it will work better for you.

Myth: Nootropics give you fortune or unparalleled wisdom.

Truth: Nootropics won’t help you grow money from trees.

This is to highlight that nootropics don’t work like magic. The effects they show aren’t drastic. Don’t get too carried away with the movies you see. You won’t become a millionaire nor will you suddenly become omniscient in an instant.

While nootropics have several benefits, they won’t give you superpowers. What nootropics do is help you do more than what you’re able to today.

You’ll be able to concentrate better, learn faster, or improve memory. Nootropics help you reach your daily or even your ultimate goals, but they don’t give them to you readily.

Myth: Nootropics are toxic.

Truth: Nootropics aren’t harmful.

Contrary to what some people say, nootropics are safe. Otherwise, they won’t find their way to medical facilities or health stores.

However, some type of nootropics can only be accessed with a prescription. You can’t purchase them over-the-counter, nor can you sell or share your prescription.

Nootropics, when used the right way and at the proper dosage, shouldn’t pose any health or safety risks. In the rare cases that they do, it’s usually triggered by misuse.

But since nootropics are taken orally and their effects target the brain, you’ll want to consult a medical professional first. Ask for recommendations on which specific type of nootropics best suits your situation.

Myth: You can afford to be lazy or work less, thanks to nootropics.

Truth: Nootropics should inspire you to work harder, not work less.

Some think that since nootropics help enhance cognitive functions, they no longer have to work as hard. If you have a major exam coming up, simply taking nootropics won’t help.

You still need to eat healthy, study hard, and have adequate sleep or rest. Nootropics won’t make you sharper or smarter in a snap of a finger. If you want to ace your exams, you need to prepare for it.

Depending on nootropics alone won’t help.

 Myth: Nootropics are all synthetic and they’re not backed by research.

Truth: Nootropics are well-researched.

 If you need further information on how nootropics are prepared, along with the ingredients they contain, chances are you’ll find plenty of sources online.

Nootropics, like other medicines, required extensive research to develop. Also, not all nootropics are processed or synthetic. Some are also herbal or made from natural ingredients.

If you’re not comfortable with laboratory-manufactured nootropics, you can look out for the herbal ones. The bottomline is, you want your nootropic to be safe and pure. If someone sells it for too low a price or at a different look than the normal, that’s definitely a red flag.

 Myth: Nootropics don’t have side effects.

Truth: Nootropics have side effects and it varies from one person to another.

People have varying genetic makeup, metabolism rate, and health status overall. These factors can impact how nootropics can affect them.

Nootropics can have side effects, but that still depends on how your body will respond to them. This is also why it’s best to take them in small doses if it’s your first time to try them.

You’ll want to observe first how they make you feel afterward. For instance, you might incur headaches, experience difficulties when sleeping, or feel fatigued. It’s different for every person.

If what you see or feel is unusual or uncomfortable, stop taking the nootropics and see a medical professional first.

Nootropics Can Help, But On a Realistic Scale

Thinking that nootropics, alone, will give you a perfect exam score or grow your bank account money in an instant is false.

Just as weight loss pills won’t be effective if you’ll keep eating unhealthy or excessively, nootropics also require work on your part so you can benefit from them.

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